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Participants have to use their basic intuitive and creative skills to modify their remote-controlled cars into full-on battle machines (Battlebot). During the course of RoboWars, the participant’s creations will be put through stringent tests/events that will require the participants to push their Battle bots to their absolute limits.



Check Out The 3D Video of Track

This video will show you a 3D Model of ROBO WAR and this will help you understand the track of Competition


  • There will be 4 members per team
  • Arena will be a simple field with PITS as shown above
  • Robot falling the PIT might stuck in it and if not be able to move for 1 minute then it will be disqualified
  • Robots can be remote controlled.
  • One robot can be controlled by two persons.
  • Weapons should not cause danger to the surroundings. It should only be target specific
  • Weapons can only be the 3 times the size of your robot
  • Dimension of the robot should not be greater then 3x3 ft.
  • 10 minutes setup time before start of war
  • War will continue until one of the robot stops working.
  • 1 minute will be observing time for robot disqualification.
  • 2 timeouts of 2 min each can be called during a war round.
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