1. Workshop on Robotics

A 3 day workshop on robotics has been organized by SEEK society with collaboration of Jinnah Robotics Group (JRG) , EE-Dept CUST.

Topics of Workshop

In this 3 days Workshop we covered these following topics:

  • Selection & working of microController
  • Selection & working of Motor Driver Controller
  • Motors types, working & selection
  • Pick & place mechanism (Robotic Arms)
  • Robotics Structures, bases & Frames
  • Algorithms to solve the themes of competition. (Discussion on algorithms)
Objective of workshop

this 3 days workshop have folowing objectives:

  • To Participate in ROBOCUST '24 (3rd Edition)
  • To participate in National Engineering Robotics Competition (nerc)at NUST, which is a national level competition in which teams from all over Pakistan participates and winning amount is 4 lakh.
  • To be prepared & participate in upcoming international robotics competition like:
  • TEKNOFEST IN 2024/2024, TURKEY
  • ABU ROBOCON 2024, Cambodia
  • Robocup 2024, Japan
  • and some other international competitions which will be discussed in workshop in detail. The team for international & National competition will be made after checking and evaluation of participants after successful completion of workshop

We have been watching movies like Wall-E, Terminator, Robocop, Transformers and Real Steel. These movies are just fiction based but outside the world of movies we also have robot in our daily life and its everywhere. Don’t believe it? Think how does the auto vacuum clear work or change its direction automatically, smart cars ,electric vehicles, self-driving cars and drone are being deployed almost everywhere in the world. So, time is coming where robotics will become the most demanding skill and will open market for jobs. With growing demand for STEM talent for development of robots, it’s important that the next generation can pick up skills required to be relevant in the future. That’s why Practically offers a variety of classes and workshops that students can enjoy and use to build a solid foundation for their careers.

Workshop Date/Time

Date: 27-28 Feburary 2024

Time: 05:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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2. Robotics Competition

Prepare yourself for an engaging and thrilling event at CUST. Robocust brings the opportunity for every robotics lover to showcase their talents at this Robocust 2024 and compete against the best in the game! The main objective of Robocust is to improve the critical thinking with new and innovative solutions, set of practical activities, implementing new ideas, enlarging people’s will for improving and creating better world.

ROBOCUST 2024 (3rd Edition) contains 3 themes:
  • Maze Solver
  • Robo Race
  • Robo War

Robocust 2024 provides you the highest quality practice in education and makes your ideas work. Becoming part of this robotics competition will gives you the opportunity to broaden your understanding of the industry and technology, as well as gain familiarity with the content of standards in which you are involved.

Generally ROBOCUST 2024 is divided into two major categories:

  • 1. College Category
  • In college category all types of schools and colleges can participate, following the rules which are predefined for their respective category. All colleges and schools can participate in following three themes of ROBOCUST 2024.

    • Maze Solver
    • Robo Race
    • Robo War

  • 2. University Category
  • In University category all types of Universities can participate, following the rules which are predefined for their respective category. All Universities can participate in following three themes of ROBOCUST 2024.

    • Maze Solver
    • Robo Race
    • Robo War
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3. Project Exhibition

Participate in robocust project exhibition to showcase your work related to robotics , as robocust focuses to promote robotics & Artificial Intelligence so it provides the platform to potray your ideas in the form of projects